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Mobile Homes
Cheap housing option
Year-round, mobile, insulated

Sale - Rent - Production

We are the cheapest producers of new mobile home in the Czech Republic.
Extra benefits

Benefits of mobility

  • Year-round living
  • Low price
  • Ease of transportation
  • Variable modifications
  • Without a building permit
And many other extra benefits
  • Variable solution

    Of the basic building blocks (cells) can be constructed of any shape and variation of mobile home.

    We are happy to explain everything in detail...
  • Simple construction work

    Roof, walls, pergolas and other structural elements can be delivered. Mobile home we fully adapt to your requirements.

    Houses are manufactured to customer's request...
  • Exterior and around the house

    After placing a mobile home, you can freely adjust the surroundings and adapt your design ideas to ideally living.

    We are happy to prepare a non-binding offer...
  • Any furniture equipment

    We will adjust the interior of the house to your requirements. Including flooring, paneling walls, ceilings and furniture equipment, which is already completely to your imagination.

Mobile homes for

Family & recreation

Mobile homes for

Business & company

Mobile homes for

Cities & municipalities

PMP Home - Mobile homes

Custom manufacture of mobile homes

A unique production technology and quality material guarantee on all mobile home 100% quality guarantee Mobile homes are cheap and energy efficient. Houses provides quality housing for the whole family.

Due to the unique thermal insulation are suitable for year-round accommodation in colder areas.
It has been designed as an alternative and by far the cheapest option full housing for the whole family as a holiday cottage, dormitory for employees or mobile office for your company.

We will answer and get acquainted with all the benefits and options of PMP mobile homes. Mobile housing is by its quality fully comparable with classic house.



If you have questions, contact us.

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